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So I'm now a freelancer ... after nearly five years of working in industry I have well and truly thrown myself out of my comfort zone and shunned stability for nervous excitement.

As well as now having the opportunity to explore many different avenues of design, becoming freelance has given me the time to be able to focus on some personal projects too.

For a while now, the general response from friends and family on seeing my room in North London has been a collection of gasps and exlamations about how calming it is, "how interesting!", "there is just so much to look at" and "Oooo, I don't feel grown up enough to be in here!".

True, some may call me a hoarder but I would rather see it as collecting. I am frequently asked "what is that for?" ... my normal response ... "to look lovely".

I have been styling my surroundings and other peoples for years without really giving it a second thought. Which has gone on to inspire a series of still life style images all based on my home styling.

Styling by Laurel Chick. Photography by Flash Focus.

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